The world’s fastest growing add-on board standard

300 click boards

One milestone reached, we are looking towards the next one

click boards everywhere

Some of the top semiconductor manufacturers have adopted mikroBUS™

It just clicks

Microchip adds libraries for click boards™ into MPLAB® Code Configurator

EERAM 5V click – safe data storage at power loss

Add memory to your project with EERAM 5V click. EERAM 5V click Add memory to your project with EERAM 5V click. It carries the 47C16 EERAM, a 16Kbit SRAM with EEPROM Backup from...

EERAM 3.3V click – add memory to your project

Do you need additional memory for your project? Today we have a click just for that - EERAM 3.3V click. Safe data storage at power loss is the...
Avnet news

Avnet is our new distributor

We are happy to announce that Avnet is our new distributor. With today's addition, seven out of ten world's largest electronics distributors are selling MikroElektronika products. Soon our...
GNSS 5 click news banner

GNSS 5 click – determine your position

Satellites are steadily orbiting the planet, Australia and New Zealand officially have their first GPS infrastructure in space since yesterday, and today we have a new GNSS...
mikroC ARM book in Spanish

A book about mikroC PRO for ARM compiler in Spanish

How is your Spanish these days? Do you know it well enough to introduce yourself, or well enough to read the newspaper? After all, over 400 million people in...
Flip&Click discount

click boards™ + Flip&Click = 25% discount

No need to be grumpy on Mondays, we got a special offer to cheer you up! Flip&Click SAM3X, one of our most popular development boards just got...