The world’s fastest growing add-on board standard

300 click boards

One milestone reached, we are looking towards the next one

click boards everywhere

Some of the top semiconductor manufacturers have adopted mikroBUS™

It just clicks

Microchip adds libraries for click boards™ into MPLAB® Code Configurator

Flip&Click discount

click boards™ + Flip&Click = 25% discount

No need to be grumpy on Mondays, we got a special offer to cheer you up! Flip&Click SAM3X, one of our most popular development boards just got...
Flip&Click PIC32MZ

Flip&Click PIC32MZ – dual personality, endless possibilities

Another Flip&Click development board is in the shop. The first major difference you'll notice is the bright red color on one side. Perhaps you got too attached...

Flip&Click and Python to control servo motors for IoT projects

We wanted to share an interesting Flip&Click project with you this sunny Friday. Our split-personality development board is as popular as ever. So, visit the Zerynth blog and find...

mikroBUS™ is growing and it’s everywhere

We updated the article about third party boards that support mikroBUS™ the other day, and that got us thinking. It's hard to see clearly when you are...

New MCU card for the EasyPIC Fusion board

Today we have a new MCU card for the EasyPIC Fusion development board. The Microchip MCU onboard the card has 415 DMIPS and 250MHz maximum frequency. EasyPIC FUSION...

30% discount on Visual TFT software

With the release of the PIC32 compilers, we wanted to surprise you with a special discount. If you order any of our 21 compilers and the Visual TFT...