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Mikromedia for PIC18FK — build multimedia applications with speed and ease

The easiest way to interact with electronics is through a GUI. In the best case scenario the graphic user interface is intuitive, easy to use and functional....
50 in 50 week 6 news

50 in 50 – Week 6 brings us the wireless connectivity click boards™

Wireless connectivity click boards™ are the theme of this week, in Microchip’s 50 in 50 campaign. As you already know, Microchip has been adding one click per day to...
Clicker 2 for PIC18FK news

clicker 2 for PIC18FK — up to 64 MHz operation with 16 MIPS

clicker 2 for PIC18FK is a pocket-size development board with two mikroBUS™ sockets and the 8-bit PIC18F67K40 microcontroller from Microchip. It's the quickest way to design and...