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MikroElektronika Software Tools

Collection of Free Software Tools to complement your mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal compilers and dramatically boost your productivity.

Package Manager

The Package Manager enables you to easily integrate your libraries into mikroC, mikroBasic or mikroPascal compilers. It creates a redistributable archive which can be installed on other computers. Along with libraries, packages can contain valuable information such as: Definition Files, Help Files, Dependencies and Examples. Using this tool you can start distributing your own libraries much faster and easier.

MikroElektronika Package Manager Software

Timer Calculator

Timer Calculator is a lightweight software which creates timer interrupts code for mikroC™, mikroBasic™ and mikroPascal™. It’s the most wanted tool on Libstock, with over 63.000 downloads. Pick from over 1000 presets or set the desired parameters manually and hit “Calculate”.

MikroElektronika Timer Calculator Software


To make it as simple as possible to program MCUs on our dev boards, most of them come with a preloaded USB-HID bootloader. While the bootloader firmware is specific to each chip, the PC utility for loading your HEX file to the target microcontroller is universal. It’s done in four steps and takes less than 20 seconds. This makes it easy to rapidly iterate until your prototype behaves exactly as you want.

MikroElektronika mikroBootloader Software

CAN Calculator

CAN Calculator is a software development tool used for easier calculation of CAN baud rate and manipulation of the CAN bus parameters. Once set, hit ‘Calculate’ and it will generate code for mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal compilers. It requires .Net 3.5 framework installed on your computer.

MikroElektronika CAN Calculator Software

GLCD Font Creator

GLCD Font Creator enables the creation of personalized fonts, symbols and icons for LCDs and GLCDs. Create fonts and symbols from scratch, or by importing existing fonts on your system. It lets you modify and adjust them for your needs, apply effects and finally export them as source code for use in mikroC, mikroBasic or mikroPascal compilers.

MikroElektronika GLCD Font Creator Sofware