FT90x Toolchain

FT90x Development Boards

A still growing collection of versatile development boards for FTDI Chip’s new FT90x range of high-performance 32-bit RISC microcontrollers

EasyFT90x v7 Development Board

EasyFT90x v7

EasyFT90x v7 is a development board for FT90x MCUs, the first “Easy” board that incorporates a camera (taking advantage of the Parallel Camera Interface of FT90x). It contains many more modules and an onboard programmer/debugge

Clicker 2 for FT90x

clicker 2 for FT90x

clicker 2 for FT900 is a compact development kit with two mikroBUS™ sockets for click board connectivity. You can use it to quickly build your own gadgets with unique functionalities and features. It carries the FT900 MCU.

mikromedia Plus for FT90X

mikromedia Plus for FT90x

Smart device with large 4,3″ TFT Touch Screen or a multimedia development board – it’s up to you. It carries a powerful FT900 device and loads of on-board modules, making it a perfect choice for your projects.