50% OFF on shields news

Special 50% discount on mikromedia Shields

We wanted to make this Friday special for you, so we created a 50% discount on mikromedia Shields. Get an expansion board that is compatible with your...
mikromedia Plus for TIVA news

mikromedia Plus for TIVA – feature rich 4.3” board

Making multimedia applications is going to be a breeze, with our mikromedia Plus for TIVA development board. A large 4.3’’ touchscreen, a powerful microcontroller from Texas Instruments, RF...

Box of wonders – start designing user interfaces right away

You are sitting home, wondering what you need to buy to start making your own user interfaces. You compile one list. An hour later you realize that...

Mikromedia for PIC18FK — build multimedia applications with speed and ease

The easiest way to interact with electronics is through a GUI. In the best case scenario the graphic user interface is intuitive, easy to use and functional....

mikromedia 7 for STM32F7 released

To paraphrase a Daft Punk song, this mikromedia is "Better, Bigger, Faster" than any other. It combines the maximum screen size and processing power that we offer. Introducing mikromedia for STM32F7.

mikromedia+ for FT90x released

The newest member of the Zoo that we keep on the mikromedia landing page is an Ostrich. The architecture it stands for is FT90x — we like to think of it as of a recently hatched bird, but one of the fastest breeds in existence nevertheless. But it's not just the performance of the hardware that sets this board apart, it's the compatible compiler.

mikromedia HMI shipping now

mikromedia HMI boards are now shipping.

New version of FT90x IDE integrates VisualTFT – try it out and maybe win...

New version of ft90x compilers (2.00) integrate Visual TFT. Even if you don't work with FT90x you should install and try the new version, because soon this will happen to your favorite compiler too. We really want you to try it and give us your feedback – so we are giving away a few FT900-powered mikromedia HMI boards.

Introducing a new breed of mikromedia boards optimized for industrial applications

mikromedia HMI is a new product line comprising 18 smart displays optimized for use as OEM parts.

mikromedia plus for STM32F7 released

Pixel beauty is only screen deep but in case of a board like mikromedia, one can appreciate core values too.