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8051 Development Boards

The AT89 family is an Intel 8051-compatible family of 8-bit microcontrollers (µCs). Based on the Intel 8051 core, the AT89 family remains very popular as it includes low-cost, general-purpose microcontrollers with industry standard instruction set.

Easy8051 v6 Development System

Easy8051 v6

A development board for 14-, 16-, 20-, 28-, 40-pin PLCC44 and PLCC32 MCUs. It comes with an AT89S8253. The board has a USB 2.0 programmer and many peripherals such as COG, port expander, menu and 4x4 keypads etc. [learn more]

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BIG8051 Development System


This board is a full-featured development environment for Silicon Labs C8051Fxxx microcontrollers. It has numerous on-board modules that help you to create your prototype device easily. It comes with C8051f040 microcontroller. [learn more]

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$169.00 USD

UNI-DS6 Development System


Universal Development Board for different microcontroller architectures. It supports PIC, dsPIC30, AVR, 8051, PSoC and ARM MCUs via mikroBoard add-on cards. Board is rich with modules for all kinds of development. [learn more]

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8051-Ready Board


Development board for 20-, 44-pin DIP and PLCC44 8051 microcontrollers. It contains four IDC10 headers, USB-UART with FT232RL module, breadboard area, 10 MHz external oscillator, programmer connector and 5V power supply. [learn more]

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