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Back in November, we released the XDP™ OTP Burner for SMPS, an industry-grade programmer for Infineon’s Switching Mode Power Supply ICs. The original firmware only supported programming of one specific chip. Now we released an update that adds a new family of supported devices and gives users more options.

The XDP™ OTP Burner for SMPS can now be used to program the following devices:

  • DP2A-based: ICL8105, XDPL8105, IDP2105
  • DP2B-based: XDPL8220

The Windows application that’s used to configure the XDP™ OTP Burner has been updated as well. It now has two separate interfaces. One for DP2A, the other for DP2B-based devices. The application can now also generate csv log files to document the programming procedure.

The updated product manual contains relevant information and download links.

Needless to say, we are targeting a very specific market with this product. We offer up to two hours of technical support per purchased device over Skype. To learn more, visit the product page in our shop.

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