Annual Easter discount

Annual Easter discount – Hop to our Shop

Some Easter customs are hard to explain. For example, why do we paint eggs, or hide them in the grass? It’s hard to tell. But not our...
women's day offer news

Celebrating International Women’s Day with a 15% discount

We are celebrating the International Women’s Day with a 15% discount on all of our products. The offer lasts from 12:00 noon CET Tuesday, March 7 until...
vd offer banner news

14% discount for our Valentine’s day offer

It’s Valentine’s day tomorrow. If you don’t want to look like a cliché and buy your significant other flowers and a box of heart-shaped chocolates, you’ll be...
End of year sale 2016 banner news

End-of-year sale — 15% discount for 15 amazing years

In less than ten days we'll say goodbye to this year. We decided to make the time that's left the best possible, so we have a special...
PIC compiler + Visual TFT offer

Visual TFT + any PIC compiler – Special December offer

We have just celebrated our 15th birthday! And we are in an extremely good mood. All our PIC compilers are on a special offer. If you buy Visual...

Special offer on the GSM click

As we have promised, our birthday month is going to be full of special offers, so here is the second one - a discount on the GSM click.

mikrolab pic32 offer development board

mikroLAB for PIC32 – perfect present for an efficient developer

Frost is on the grass and you can almost smell the snow in the air, so it’s time to start thinking about holiday presents and Christmas tree decorations. But for us at MikroElektronika December is also our birthday month, so we are having a double celebration.

Black Friday-Cyber Monday discount

It's time for the MikroE Black Friday-Cyber Monday discount. While the rest of the world is standing in a line in front of some store, on a cold November day, you can stay under a blanket and buy all our products 15% off.

halloween special offer

Halloween special offer: 13% OFF on all products

We are ready for all kinds of mischief this Halloween and we haven't forgotten about our traditional 13% spooky discount. The friendly witches from our sales department made a blood oath with vampires in the marketing team and now there is no way we can pretend it didn't happen – blood oaths are serious, scary business.

Back-to-work special offer: 10% OFF everything in our store

A special offer for people who are back from their vacation fully recharged and hyped up about upcoming projects: 10% OFF on all products in our store until Monday 9 AM CET.