click and a digital theremin

Making music with the IR distance click – a digital Theremin project

We have another interesting project from the high school students from Pozega, who made the Buggy project last year. This time they turned to music and made a...
ECG click with Arduino UNO

Take a look at how to use ECG click with Arduino UNO

Teodor, our friend from, has written a sequel on ECG click. He describes how to use our ECG click with Arduino UNO, and saves Arduino users...

How to get an SMS from Hexiwear – a demo with GSM 4

GSM 4 click gets to join the Hexiwear docking station this time. We have made a demo on how to use GSM 4 click on the Hexiwear docking...

How to stack click boards, a concise guide

The secret knowledge of click board stacking is a third-eye opener: it opens a whole new (vertical) dimension, broadening the possibilities of what can be done with a single mikroBUS™ socket.

How to make perfect through-hole solder joints (+ whatever else you would like to...

Seems like everybody from the Baby boomer generation knows how to solder things. Later generations grew up watching their dads expertly fix toys and home appliances. Some picked up the skill. There is, however, a surprising number of younger people that didn't. Even among developers. Let's fix that.

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Throwback Thursday.

Latest on capacitive vs resistive screens, all about ADCs and 2G, 3G and...

We have been testing a slightly different layout on Regardless of the theme, though, the editorial team is churning out new content almost every day.

New version of Fiber Opt click released & redesigned

If you were frustrated by a lack of resources that accompany click boards – don't despair. There is light at the end of the cable. The new version of Fiber Opt click is a bright example.