50 in 50 with microchip week 4 news

The quick-start software library by Microchip for click boards™ is half-done. Time really does fly when you are having fun, it feels like the 50 in 50 campaign started only yesterday.

The next live stream is scheduled for April 17, so make sure you are online at the right time. It’s your chance to get answers on everything click related. Microchip is giving away click boards™ this time as well.

Visit the Microchip 50 in 50 page to learn more about the campaign and how to get started with the MCC Code configurator and the click board libraries.

In case you are joining us now, here is a quick overview of what happened so far:

Week 1 — Sensors

The first week of the campaign brought us all sorts of sensors. From Compass 2 click to help you if you lost your direction. To Air quality click that has an on-board sensor which detects gases impacting indoor air quality.

Week 2 — Sensors

Even more helpful sensors during the second week of the campaign. Get both humidity and temperature measurements with HDC100 click. Measure your pulse with Heart rate click. Or how loud you really are when your singing in the shower with Noise click.

Week 3 — HMI and storage

Do you need capacitive touch sensing? Touchpad click supports taps, double taps, swipes and scrolling features.

The thirds week brought human machine interface and storage click boards™. With three different EEPROM click boards™ you can add temporary data storage in just a few minutes.

Week 4 — Mixed signal

Digital to analog, analog to digital conversion. Don’t worry, we got you covered with mixed signal click boards™ during week four.

For more information visit our click board™ page and start with the click that you find most interesting.

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