50 in 50 week 6 news

Wireless connectivity click boards™ are the theme of this week, in Microchip’s 50 in 50 campaign.

As you already know, Microchip has been adding one click per day to their quick-start library for MCC, the Code Configurator.

The next live stream is scheduled for the April 27. You could win free click boards™ and Curiosity Boards, so tune in. Visit the official campaign page to see what the previous weeks brought, or go through our earlier news posts.

Wireless connectivity click boards™

Three of our WiFi clicks are featured this week: WiFi PLUS click, WiFi3 click, and WiFly click.

WiFly click carries the RN-131 LAN module from Microchip. It allows you to connect your devices to 802.11 b/g wireless networks and the preloaded firmware simplifies integration.

WiFi PLUS click also features a module from Microchip – the  MRF24WB0MA – 2.4GHz, IEEE std. 802.11, with an MCW1001 companion controller that has an on-board TCP/IP stack and 802.11 connection manager.

LoRa click and LoRa 2 click will allow you to communicate over long distances, over 15 km in rural and suburban settings.

That leaves us with NANO GPS click, and the RFid click carrying a  CR95HF 13.56 MHz contactless transceiver.

For more information about the 50 clicks in 50 days campaign, see the official page.

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