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Bluetooth name origins

King Harald Bluetooth, who united Denmark and Norway, was the inspiration for the name of this wireless communication standard. As the makers of Bluetooth were trying to allow PC and mobile devices to communicate without cables and in a sense unify them, king Harald was seen as an ideal symbol. This famous Viking ruled Denmark in the later part of the 10th century.

The Bluetooth logo is composed of two Nordic runes signifying king Harald’s initials — Harald Blåtand.

Here is an overview of the Bluetooth click boards we have in our store:

BT Audio click

BT Audio click is a complete solution for streaming audio from a smartphone or a PC over a Bluetooth connection. The click features Microchip’s RN52 Bluetooth audio module and runs on a 3.3V power supply.

BLE 3 click

BLE 3 click carries the NINA-B1 Bluetooth 4.2 module from u-blox and runs on a 3.3V power supply. It has really low power consumption — only 9μA in standby mode.

BLE2 click

BLE2 click features the RN4020 Bluetooth 4.1 module from Microchip and runs on 3.3V power supply. The onboard PCB antenna has the range of at least 30m.

BLE P click

If you want to add Bluetooth 4.0 to your project this is the click for you. BLE P click carries the nRF8001 IC and 40m range PCB antenna. You can also check out the BLE Android app, a great starting point for developing your own apps.

For more information about BLE, and to help you decide which BLE click is the best one for you, check out our Learn article about Bluetooth Low Energy.

Bluetooth click

Bluetooth click runs on a 3.3V power supply and communicates with the target MCU over an UART interface. It has Bluetooth range of up to 100m.

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