Did you like the GSM-controlled sailing boat we showed last week? If given the chance, would you know how to build your own? Follow the 3-part series about GSM on learn.mikroe.com to learn how to use one of our most popular click board categories.

GSM tutorials

We have three different GSM click boards (with modules from SimCom, Quectel and Telit). Once you have a grasp of the basics of the standard, you will understand which one best suits your need.

The first article in the series is a brief recap of the history of GSM, followed by a description of how GSM modems function, and how AT commands are used to communicate with a microcontroller.

The second part, published just today, goes deeper. You will learn how to write a generic GSM engine. Emphasis is put on how the AT parser functions, the most vital part of the GSM library.

The yet to be published third part will explain how to adapt your code for different GSM modules.

Remember, our staff monitors these pages regularly. If you have any questions, just post a comment on the article and we will make sure to clarify everything.

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