mikroBUS sockets on an IoT kit

Put three click boards™ in a box, two clicker boards, two mikroBUS™ sockets, and a development board — sounds like a recipe for a MikroElektronika IoT party.

The Creator Ci40 Kit is intended for IoT Cloud computing kind of projects. So, without further ado, here is what the kit contains:

mikroBUS™ socket revolution

The mikroBUS™ socket is now on more than 30 development boards. Once something as practical and simple as this gains momentum there’s no stopping it.

And with the number of click boards™ increasing every day, adding new functionality to your project has never been so easy.

The Creator Ci40 board carries two mikroBUS™ sockets. Of course, since it is designed for the IoT world it has low power consumption.

click boards™ in the kit

If you use the three click boards™ in the kit, you’ll have a relay, a temperature sensor, and a motion sensor. How you combine and use them is up to you and your desires. But this doesn’t mean you can’t add other click boards™ of your choice.

BLE2 click carries an RN4020 module from Microchip and it will seamlessly add Bluetooth Low Energy to your device.

UV click will let you know if the levels of ultraviolet radiation are too high, and RTC 6 click will help you keep track of time.

Take a look at our click boards™ range in the shop, and choose something that suits you and your future project the most.

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