Throwback Thursday.

Learn articles


Some Learn articles are byte sized. They are like mini lectures to refresh on something you already knew or to get an overview of a subject while you’re waiting in a queue somewhere or having lunch. Here are three recent articles as examples.

The introduction to stepper motors explains the working mechanics of these common components. Four diagrams are enough for anyone to get a grasp of the fundamental principles.

A bit more comprehensive is the introduction to the SPI bus. The famous MISO MOSI pair figures prominently in mikroBUS. The meaty part of the article sets off with a friendly note: “If this is the first time looking at a SPI timing diagram from a datasheet take a deep breath and relax, this isn’t as scary as you might think.” Read through it and look at the opening diagram once again. If it seems simpler, Corey has done his job

Finally, for a more hands-on bit of info, a guide on using mikroC with non-MikroE boards was also recently featured. Not much to explain really. It’s very simple, but worth highlighting for people who weren’t aware.

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