The Pi Click shield is like a superhero suit for your Raspberry Pi – it fits tightly, and transforms it from a mild-mannered mini-computer to a click board enhanced supergadget capable of amazing feats…

To get more technical, it’s a shield carrying a mikroBUS™ host socket, you just connect it to your Raspberry Pi’s connector, and you can start inventing with Click boards.

A Click board is a small extension board carrying a specific component that enables your Pi (or MCU board), to interact with the environment.

With more than 70 different click boards to chose from, you can give your Raspberry Pi powers of thunder detection, proximity, heat or color sensing, and you can even combine those together. Like a comic-book, it’s more up to your imagination than anything else.

If you only used your Pi for simple stuff, like playing movies, now you can turn it into a weather station, a RFid door lock, or a smart light controller like shown here:


All that potential with a simple $5.80 shield. That’s probably less than a pack of batteries for your TV remote. We bet you already got some ideas for your own inventions – order the Pi Shield and a click board that fits your idea and start working now.

Yours sincerely,

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