mikroBus pinout standard
mikroBus - A rocking new pinout standard!

MikroElektronika - mikroBus - One connector for all boards

One connector for all boards.

All the pins you most likely need

All essential pins covered

After 10 years in development of accessory board, we came up with the smallest number of most commonly used pins.

All essential pins covered

Everything is already here

Simple design

Two 8-pin female sockets are all it takes to build the host connector. And then you are ready to use dozens of boards.

Simple design

Dual power design

Supports 3.3V and 5V

Some boards use 3.3V and some 5V. With mikroBUS™, power supply is not an issue anymore. Dual power supply is an essential feature.

Supports 3.3V and 5V

For easier connections

Ideal for breadboards too!

mikroBUS™ connector has 100mil pin spacing, and 900mil distance between connectors, which makes it a perfect match for breadboards.

Ideal for breadboards

What is mikroBUS™?

As we in mikroElektronika see it, plug-and-play devices with minimum settings are the future in embedded world. This is why our engineers have come up with a simple but brilliant pinout with lines that most of today’s accessory boards require, which almost completely eliminates the need of additional hardware settings. We called this new standard the mikroBUS™.

About mikroBUS™

mikroBUS™ socket

Each mikroBUS™ socket consists of two 1x8 female headers containing pins that are most likely to be used in the target accessory board. There are three groups of communication pins: SPI, UART and I2C communication. There are also single pins for PWM, Interrupt, Analog input, Reset and Chip Select. Pinout contains two power groups: +5V and GND on one header and +3.3V and GND on the other 1x8 header. mikroBUS™ socket perfecty fits into standard breadboards.

mikroBUS™ Pinout Thumbnail

Integrate mikroBUS™ in your design

mikroBUS™ is not made to be only a part of our development boards. You can freely place mikroBUS™ sockets in your final PCB designs, as long as you clearly mark them on the silkscreen with mikroBUS™ footprint specifications:

Can I make mikroBUS™ boards?

You are allowed to produce your own mikroBUS™ compatible board, as long as you place mikroBUS™ logo on the board silkscreen. Also, you are not allowed to call it “Click board” because “Click” is the trademark of mikroElektronika. You are also allowed to make commercial version of your board. It would be nice to hear about it, so send us an E-mail to office@mikroe.com

Produce your own mikroBUS™ compatible board

Click™ boards

mikroBUS™ opens a door with unlimited possibilities. Simply pick the appropriate click board™ and plug it into the mikroBUS™ socket to instantly add new functionality to your prototype. Communication, measurement, display, Real-time clock, GSM, GPS, you name it! We have a click board™ for almost anything you need.