Today we’re helping you to get rid of wires. Use WiFi insted. It’s easy and simple. Come and see for yourself.

WiFi PLUS Click with TCP/IP Stack - Complete WiFi Solution

We worked hard to make sure you don’t have to. We are happy to present you with WiFi PLUS click board. Amazing and powerful, featuring MRF24WB0MA – 2.4GHz, IEEE std. 802.11 – compliant module and most importantly – MCW1001 companion controller with on-board TCP/IP stack and 802.11 connection manager.

Combined with simple UART interface, this means that even microcontrollers with little RAM and Flash can run WiFi applications. How cool is that?

To make sure you have the whole package covered, we have made Network WiFi library exclusively available on Libstock website. We developed packages for each and every of our 18 compilers, along with demonstration examples. We created examples of connection via network router, and examples of ad-hoc connection.

We are thrilled with the new WiFi PLUS click board. Therefore we developed a Let’s make project you might want to throw your eye on. It’s built with EasyPIC v7, mikromedia for PIC18FJ, mikroBUS shield and two WiFi PLUS click boards. Beautiful graphical interface developed using Visual TFT software is intuitive and easy to use. With a touch of a screen you can change state of your digital pins of PORTA and you can also easily monitor predefined analog and digital lines on EasyPIC v7. Code is developed in mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal compilers for PIC.



We invite you to visit the WiFi PLUS Click webpage, download Network WiFi library from Libstock and make sure to visit WiFi Control Demo Let’s make project to get the idea how powerful and easy it all is.

Yours sincerely,

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