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XDP™ OTP Production Burner manual in Chinese

Today, we are pleased to announce we’ve added documentation for XDP™ OTP Production Burner for SMPS in Chinese – a user manual and a quick start guide.

You can see both the manual and the quick start guide linked in the bottom of the page.

This particular product is a specialized tool for programming Infineon’s XDP™ Switching Mode Power Supply ICs (SMPS) from DP2A and DP2B families.

With our user manual, you will go through the usage of the XDP™ OTP Production Burner for SMPS and quick start guide will give you an example of the workflow. You’ll get a detailed step-by-step instruction manual for programming, operating, updating, etc., with a lot of accompanying images. Precise, detailed and easy to follow!

Did you know?

Did you know that 16% of the world population speak Chinese? That is over 2 billion people!

The standardized form of the Chinese language is based on the Bejing dialect, because there are hundreds of different, mutually intelligible dialects of Chinese.

To see this version of the manual for the XDP™ OTP Production Burner, visit the product page.

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