Touchpad click is the newest click board option for adding an input device to your prototype.


What if, instead of designing vanilla user interfaces, you took a page out of the playbook of video game designers. Sneak in hidden features. Cheat codes and god-modes.

Say you have a smart home. Make a combination of swipes, taps, scrolls and double-taps — all supported by this click — that’s almost impossible to perform. A user — say, a guest in your home — would have to try and fail dozen times before getting the hang of it. And then success unlocks WiFi access. Or something like that.

Touchpad click is a minimalistic capacitive touch input device driven by Microchip’s low-powered MTCH6102 controller. The input surface is a thin layer of matte plastic. It looks discrete, ideal for clandestine applications. Forget fitness wearables, what about wearables for spies?

After all, since you have all these development skills why not have some wicked fun with it. With the library from Libstock, you’ll have a head start anyway.

Of course, Touchpad click is equally well suited for more common uses. Its advantages lie in the small form factor, low power consumption, and versatile sensing capabilities. You can see the details on the product page.


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