Thumbwheel click has an enumerated sprocket of the type you would see on a suitcase. It’s a mechanical input device that found use in the electronics world as well.

Thumbwheel click

Thumbwheel click is a simple input device you can use to enter numerical combinations. It’s also great for learning how to prototype with 1-Wire communications.

For ease of use, our designer put a small notch on top of the PCB to mark the starting position of the switch. The wheel itself is enumerated 1-10 to mark all the available positions. The crown on top has small incisions for better finger traction.

According to the data sheet, the thumbwheel is good to go for 25,000 steps minimum.

The simplicity of the board means that we don’t have a library for this one – a simple code example is sufficient for you to get an understanding of how this works. The product page has all the relevant info.

For other 1-Wire click boards, see RTC4 click and Unique ID click, Thermo 2 click, and Expand 3 click .

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