mikrobus and thingsoc

Use mikroBUS™ click boards and the Grove ecosystem to create amazing projects.

The mikroBUS standard is being added to development boards and systems more and more every day. Microchip added a mikroBUS™ socket to their Curiosity board a couple of years ago. NXP added it as well, Infineon and many more.

You can check out this Learn article to see all the development boards with the mikroBUSstandard.

With thingSoC Grovey open source platform, you can connect systems that were previously incompatible, and create amazing IoT projects.

What is thingSoC?

thingSoC is a vendor-neutral, open source standard intended for the IoT world. With an agnostic socket standard like this, you have the freedom to use different development systems and peripherals.

Build an IoT of your dreams

Since we have such a wide selection to choose from, you can use it for any project you can come up with. Just think of it, anything from wireless communication to motor control click boards™.

Check out our click board™ range for inspiration

Did you know we have six different Bluetooth click boards™? From BT Audio click for streaming audio over a Bluetooth connection with 10m range, to BLE 3 click that features the u-blox NINA-B1 Bluetooth 4.2 module.

BT Audio clickOLED switch click

How about the OLED Switch click? If you are making an HMI device this click will allow you to add both an LED screen and a button, in one.






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