Ahmed from Iraq is a prolific inventor who registered four patents with designs based on MikroE tools. His hard work and dedication earned him a spot at the Newcastle University where he’s now studying for a Msc in Microelectronics. Here are some of his projects.

click cabinet

It makes sense to treat your development tools with care, and Ahmed’s “MikroElektronika cabinet” at his University Lab is a good example. When you think about it, if the sword is the soul of a samurai then what are compilers and click boards to a maker?

They aren’t designed to cut down foes but they do cut the time needed to develop your ideas into prototypes.

It was 2013 when Ahmed bought his first EasyPIC and a copy of mikroC. A year later he already had three projects.

Over to Ahmed.

“My first experience with Click board was using USB UART click. The project was data acquisition system which is record Pressures, Flows and Rods Positions for two pistons, and transfer their data to PC via Visual Basic to record them in Excel sheet and then graph it.”


“My first Patent was ‘Students Attendance Auto Recording System,’ and I used (Bluetooth2 click, RFid Reader)”


“My second patent was ‘ID Checking Device,’ and I used (RFid click, mikromedia for PIC18FJ)”

ID checking device

“My Third patent was ‘Electricity Monitoring Device’, and I used (WiFi Plus Click, Hall current click)”

Electricity monitoring

That’s a bit of inspiration for you. To continue following Ahmed’s and see more examples of our boards applied, follow his Facebook page: MicrocontrollerProjects.Iraq

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