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Imagine this: you move your hand above a small device and it tells you the time, out loud. No need to take out your phone, or direct your eyes to the nearest clock.

Well, this can be a reality if you read the tutorial Theodor from has made with our Text To Speech click board™, the Arduino Mega click shield, RTC2 clickProximity click and the Arduino Mega.

Building the hardware

Building the hardware is going to be the easiest part of this tutorial. Theodor describes the process rather well:

talking clock project text to speech click

“As usual with MikroElektronika click boards, building the hardware is just like playing with Lego bricks.”

Place the Text To Speech click in the first socket, and the other two clicks can be placed in the remaining two sockets in the order of your choice since they both use I2C communication.

Talking clock code

The second part of the tutorial will take you step by step through the programming of your future talking clock. Find out how to set the precise time, how to change the pin definitions to match the Arduino Mega pinout and more.

Finally, in the third part, you can see the final code for the project. You can click on the code snippet to expand it, or download the code directly from the page.

Text To Speech click

Our Text To Speech click speaks English and Spanish in two dialects – Castilian Spanish and Latin American Spanish. How many languages do you speak?

The click carries an Epson S1V30120 speech synthesis IC, powered by the the Fonix DECtalk® v5 speech synthesis engine.

For more information about Text To Speech click, check out the product page.

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