Smart home gadgets and apps are popping up like mushrooms after rain. Considering that they make our lives easier and save time, it’s no wonder. Watching other people check the temperature of their living room from their phone, or open the garage door over a text message makes you think you should implement some of these ideas as well.

Good thing that the MikroElektronika interns lab is full of people that are capable and willing to attempt such projects.

Meet Katarina, one of our interns this summer. Katarina is from Belgrade, she’s 19, and embedded development is her passion.

How young were you when you started your first project?

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Tutorial and LibStock page

Today we are sharing a project she did a couple of days ago. You can read the whole tutorial on our Learn platform. It’s an embedded web server project with WiFi ESP click, UV 3 click, and Thermo K click. Add two clickers and an EasyPIC Fusion v7 development boards, and you got the whole thing.

Visit the project LibStock page to download the code example.

Young and inspired

Katarina was very enthusiastic about the project. She suggested it to our software engineer, and her mentor, Milos, and he couldn’t say no.

I really enjoy doing this. Since I’m a maker, it’s very exciting to have all this technology available, and to try out different things

We asked her what was the most fun part of the smart home app project for her.

Establishing communication between the devices, so that they can send and receive data.

She was also happy to tell us about her own organization РMaker Robotics. You can check out the website she and her maker friend Danijel are running. Read about IoT workshops, tutorials for everything from LED blinking to water sensors for robotics.

Another interesting fact is that Katarina is the youngest ambassador in the world. She has a profile there under the name MakerRobotics that features all her recent projects.

For more information about WiFi ESP click, visit the product page.

To see the Learn article, click here.

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