What’s immediately obvious about RTC4 click is the coin cell 1F supercapacitor that will enable the click to keep time for years on end.

RTC4 click

Under the supercapacitor is the DS2417 IC, a real time clock/calendar from Maxim. What’s different about it compared to preceding RTC clicks, is that this one communicates with the target MCU through a 1-Wire interface; but it also has a programmable interrupt for system wakeup on a separate pin.

Since it’s a 1-Wire device, it has a factory lasered and tested 64-bit registration number, allowing it to function within a MicroLAN network (a network of 1-Wire devices that are all associated with a master device).

Why four real time clock clicks, you might ask?

Maybe it’s not shiny new tech, but RTC chips are silent workhorses that, by keeping time, make a lot of other things possible. Once you incorporate one in your design, it’ll blend in and do its work for a long time. It’s important to give you the option to choose exactly the one you need for your project.

So to see if this is the one, check out the details on the product page, and you can get the example code on Libstock.


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