Relay 2 click – for when you want to keep your microcontroller in an on and off relationship with two different devices at the same time.

Relay 2 click

The sequel to one of our more popular clicks, Relay 2 click carries two LCA717 solid state relays. Based on a patented OptoMOS architecture, these relays have optically coupled outputs, with infrared LEDs inside the chips transmitting the signal, keeping the MCU safely isolated from the external current.

Compared to the original relay click, this one performs the switching silently. Two signal LEDs, one for each relay, will let you know what’s going on (so you wouldn’t blame the click because your lightbulb went dead).

The voltage/current of devices you can control should not exceed 30V/2A (AC/DC). If your project requires larger voltages or currents, use our original relay click.

One of our interns made a nice example that pairs Relay 2 click with an IR click, letting us switch a Plasma globe with a remote in this video:


More details on the product page.

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