PICtail™ Plus click Adapter

You don’t need to chase your tail anymore, looking for ways to add more functionalities to your Explorer 16 Development Board. PICtail™ Plus click Adapter allows you to add two click boards™ to it.

PICtail™ Plus click Adapter

PICtail™ Plus click Adapter has two mikroBUS™ sockets. We currently have more than 280 click boards™ in our shop, and the range is always expanding. You can add all sorts of functionalities to your projects. From WiFi connectivity to temperature and humidity sensors, RF transceivers and voltage regulators. We have it all.

All the Microchip boards with a mikroBUS™ socket

So far Microchip has 11 development boards that support the mikroBUS™ socket. You can see the full list on our Learn article. So start with the MPLAB Xpress evaluation board, being the first one in the article. End with the Curiosity board range, and you won’t stay curious about where click boards™ are supported.

For more information about the PICtail™ Plus click Adapter visit the product page.

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