Embedded World 2017 report 1

Even though we don’t host our own booth at Embedded World anymore, it seems like each passing year our presence at the fair gets larger. These days, of course, it’s mostly thanks to Hexiwear and click boards™.

To begin with, there was an elaborate smart factory demo at NXP’s booth that included three Hexiwears on docking stations connected to each other through ZigBee clicks. A video of how it works along with an explanation is available on hexiwear.com

Hexiwear at NXP booth

Hexiwear was also to be seen — and won — at Digikey’s booth, where our guys were interviewed to explain the benefits of the board.

But click boards™ are becoming more and more ubiquitous each year. They are beginning to become hard to miss. From demos on Microchip’s stand…

Embedded World 2017 report 3

Embedded World 2017 report 4

To Imagination’s booth that showed off the Creator Ci40 kit in action…

Embedded World 2017 report 3

And then what caught us completely by surprise is the crowd-facing display at the u-blox stand. u-blox is prominently featured in the click board line-up with six boards, and they are not shy of showing it.

u-blox booth at Embedded World
u-blox booth at Embedded World

And then at Mouser’s booth the MikroElektronika logo was placed on equal footing with Intel and Renesas. That’s because we helped them with an attractive demo demonstrating Panasonic’s Grid-eye sensor with Intel Joule using Grid-EYE click and an upcoming click adapter for Joule.

Mouser Electronics at Embedded World 2017
Mouser Electronics at Embedded World 2017

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