As the mikroBUS™ socket gets more popular, so does the number of development boards that support it. This Friday we decided to focus on the ones by NXP.

We already collaborated with NXP on Hexiwear, and future collaboration always seemed like a natural next step.

Right now there are over 30 third party development boards that support our mikroBUS™ socket. To no one’s surprise, the list grows every day. The convenience and practicality of this standard are obvious to anyone that encounters it.

NXP i.Mx7 Dual SABRE board

The i.Mx7 Dual SABRE board is based on i.MX7Dual applications processor, utilizing both the ARM® Cortex®-A7 and Cortex®-M4 cores with enhanced security and power optimization.

WaRP7 board

The WaRP7 has one mikroBUS™ socket on the back. It’s small and sleek, and it consists of the main board and a daughter card. The main board is based on the NXP® i.MX 7Solo applications processor.

Modular Edge Platform

The Modular Edge Platform is a Volansys multi-module compatible end node, that NXP uses in its Modular IoT Gateway kit. This compatible board has two mikroBUS™ sockets.

This board is targeted for multiple use cases in various segments of IoT such as Smart Home, Buildings, and Industries by connecting and communicating.

More than 300 click boards™

As you already know, our click board™ range is constantly expanding. We have a click board™ for any functionality that might come to mind. For example, take the sensor click range – we have everything from temperature and humidity sensors, to gyroscopes, light detectors, proximity sensors, altitude, alcohol, and heart rate sensors.

For more information about these NXP boards, and all the other development boards that support the mikroBUS™ socket, see our Learn article.

Add mikroBUS™ to your board

Of course, you can add the mikroBUS™ socket to your design. As long as you adhere to the standard specifications. So make sure you mark the silkscreen with the mikroBUS™ logo.

Let us know if you make something, send an email to

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