Arcade Game fans will be so excited to hear that we have introduced cool new Gaming shield for mikromedia boards!

Board is just fantastic. It’s ergonomically designed to comfortably fit in your palms, and it provides standard gaming control buttons, indicator LEDs and audio interface for your favorite mikromedia board. Just solder provided stacking headers, put your mikromedia on top, and you are ready to play your games. You can use the bottom stacking side to place more shields, such as Battery boost shield, so you can carry around your new gaming platform and play all day!

Gaming shield is currently compatible with mikromedia for PIC18FJ, mikromedia for dsPIC33 and mikromedia for XMEGA boards. Check out the product webpage, view image gallery and get more useful information. Let the games begin!

Yours sincerely,

New mikromedia GAMING shield released!
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