Today we have something for you that will blow your mind. We are very proud to present you with the new mikromedia for XMEGA board.

Following other mikromedias, XMEGA has fantastic new features. Board is equipped with mighty ATXMega128A1 microcontroller that can handle multimedia content quite well. Besides TFT display with Touch Panel, board is equipped with Stereo MP3 codec, Accelerometer, Battery Charger,USB UART, microSD card slot, communication LEDs, and more. We have done some cool and clever interventions that you will most like.

Board comes preprogrammed with fast UART Bootloader, so you won’t have to spend a dollar more on external programmers. All of you who wish can also program the board using available PDI connector.

We have just created a great new webpage for the mikromedia for XMEGA, so we invite you to learn more about this fantastic board.

New: mikromedia baord for XMEGA released!
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