The newest update for mikroProg adds support mostly for new PIC32MX devices.

mikroProg suite update

mikroProg Suite for PIC, version 2.32 adds support for the following new MCUs:

– PIC32MX530/550/570
– PIC32MX430/450/470
– PIC32MX330/350/370
– PIC32MX230/250/270
– PIC32MX130/150/170
– PIC16F161x Family

As you see, it’s pretty much a PIC32-centric update. Since Monday we released PIC32MX clicker, upgraded PIC32 compilers to version 3.5.0, and in a few hours we’ll publish clicker 2 for PIC32MX.

Download the updated suite from the mikroProg page.

So the first week of February turned out to be purple week. That’s the color we use for our PIC32 solution. You could argue that the dsPIC/PIC24 solution is also purple, but that’s why you’re an engineering type of person, not a graphic designer.

But if you’re curious, here’s some expertise from our designer Danijela: the PIC32 solution is purple. The dsPIC/PIC24 solution is… violet. The difference? Purple has more red in it and is warmer, while violet leans more toward the blue part of the color spectrum, resulting in a cooler color.

Now, if by any chance you’re a embedded designer with some artistic chops, and you got slightly offended by our stereotyping — don’t just sit there, stand up for yourself! Share your aesthetically pleasing prototypes with us, send us an email and include MyStory in the subject, and we’ll share it on our site.

Yours sincerely,

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