Our most popular mikromedia is on sale until August 22, or while current supplies last.

mikromedia for PIC32 for $89

mikromedia for PIC32 has a 320×240 touchscreen on the front. Flip it over and you’ll see many onboard multimedia modules: an accelerometer, microSD card slot, a Li-Polymer battery connector with a battery charger circuit, stereo MP3 codec with an audio connector, Serial Flash to store additional data, and more…

This is our top-selling mikromedia. What makes it so popular?

Aside from all the modules, it has to do with the microcontroller in the drivers’ seat: PIC32MX460F512L. It’s an exceptional 32-bit MCU with a MIPS M4K Core, operating at 80MHz. System features include 32KB of RAM, 512KB program memory size, hardware multiplier and divider.

Since there are plenty of these boards out there in the hands of developers worldwide, you have where to start from:

Once you get it, unpack it, set aside the detailed full color manuals for a second, and head to Libstock. You’ll find many examples for mikromedia for PIC32 there, but we recommend you start with Andrew Hazelden’s fireworks—just to celebrate getting a great mikromedia at a good price.

You could also use mikromedia for PIC32 in a final product. To get inspired, see the example of One4All, a device for timing competitive runners, cyclists, swimmers and alike (spot the built-in mikromedia acting as a user interface). Also, check out the mikromedia powered Minimaus beet loader (isn’t that a catchy name?)

This offer is valid until August 22, or while the current supply lasts. If you’re interested in using this one in a product, be aware that you get additional discounts on quantity: if you order between 5 and 19, you’ll pay $84.55 for each; if you order 20 or more, you’ll pay $80.10 for each.

Seize the opportunity while you can, buy mikromedia for PIC32.

Yours sincerely,

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