There has been a trend of attempting to bring Embedded technologies closer to software developers from other domains. Concerning our own product lines, we already wrote about Zerynth and the Python-compatible Flip & click. In the same vein, we now present the mikroBUS™ shield for the PHPoC IoT board.

PHPoC board

PHPoC stands for “PHP on chip“. It’s a scripting language based on PHP developed by Sollae Systems from Korea. The syntax is very similar to real PHP, but adapted for IoT. So, not only it can be used to develop dynamic web pages, but it can also be used to monitor and control electronics, through the compatible PHPoC board.

The PHPoC board comes in two flavors, a blue one for wireless WiFi applications and a black one for wired ethernet applications. Both boards run on an STM32 Cortex-M4 MCU that runs on 168 MHz with 512 KB of Flash and 192KB of SRAM. The MCU has a built-in interpreter for PHPoC.

Now, if you want to extend the range of sensors and transceivers that can be added on PHPoC Blue or Black, just get a compatible mikroBUS™ shield. The PHPoC forums have two examples of the shield in use. One with a color sensor, the other with a temperature and humidity sensor

For more information, visit the official PHPoC website.

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