It’s a bit ironic that we took so long to introduce an MCU card with such a fast processor on it, but here it is, EasyPIC FUSION v7 ETH MCU card with PIC32MZ2048ECH124.

PIC32MZ MCU card

The introduction of PIC32MZ support last year was one of the biggest news among our PIC compiler user base.

An epic video was made for the occasion, where the initial version of the PIC32MZ made a debut. Now, finally, you can order your own PIC32MZ card and dramatically plug it into your EasyPIC v7 Fusion like so:


Think of it as of a key that unlocks new powers of your EasyPIC Fusion v7.

What you get is a chip that operates on 200 MHz/330 DMIPS, with 2MB Flash memory (plus an additional 160 KB of Boot Flash), and 512KB SRAM memory, plus an Ethernet transceiver onboard.

See the data sheet for more details, and start using the full potential of the PIC32 compiler and EasyPIC FUSION v7 combo.

Yours sincerely,

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