A couple of weeks ago we surprised you with a Learn article on how to use Matrix RGB click and Hexiwear to drive a 64×64 pixel size display panel.

Today, since it’s Friday, and everyone is in a good mood, we have a sequel to that tutorial.

So click here, and learn what is necessary to adjust the firmware. Each of the 1024 LEDs on one panel is capable of displaying 8 different colors, but with our new firmware, you will extend the color spectrum to 64 colors. As each LED is actually composed of three smaller ones (green, red, and blue) 8 different combinations can be made. But all of this is better explained in the Learn article.

Matrix RGB programming bundle

We have also added a Matrix RGB programming bundle to the shop, to help you along with a this.

The bundle consists of Matrix RGB click, four 32×32 RGB LED Matrix panels (6mm pitch) and mikroProg for FT90x.

For more information about the Matrix RGB click see the product page.

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