Let’s make.. projects continue to catch more and more attention. On your demand, this time we bring you the PIC version of the previous project – Programmable Relay Timers. We will show you how you can build your own programmable timer relays using PIC-Ready1, with PIC16F887, Keypad 4×4 board with EasyPull, RTC, Relay 4 and LCD 2×16 character display with adapter. Simple to use demonstration project comes free of charge, and your device is ready to control 4 separate relays right out of the box. Ideal for controlling garden sprinklers, home appliances, controling street lamps and home lights.

If you like this project and want to make your own version of it at home, we are offering you all the boards used in this project in a bundle with a FREE SHIPPING. Get your own kit now, save money, and start experimenting!

Let's make project 04 - Programmable Relay Timers (PIC)
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