LEM click can measure both AC and DC current. The click uses a current transducer based on the Hall effect.

LEM click

LEM click carries the LTS 6-NP current transducer and MCP3201 ADC converter. The click can measure AC and DC current with exceptional speed, up to 200 KHz.

Be advised: LEM click can be used with dangerous voltage levels. DO NOT TOUCH THE BOARD WHILE THE EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY IS ON!

clicks for measuring electrical characteristics

Other than LEM click, we have other click boards™ intended for measuring electrical characteristics.

For example, C Meter click has circuitry for measuring the value of capacitors. For measuring the value of resistors, you can turn to R Meter click. And AC Current click measures alternating currents up to 30A.

For more information about the click see the product page.

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