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Capacitive vs resistive screens, ADCs and 3G and 4G on learn.mikroe.com

With the launch of Riverdi displays and mikromedia HMI boards, we are offering displays with capacitive touchscreens for the first time. On first look, it’s a clear improvement to resistive screens. Or is it? In the latest article on learn.mikroe.com we pitted resistive vs capacitive technologies, examining the pros and cons of both.

In “Quantization of your world“, the learn.mikroe.com editor in chief, Richard, explains the principles of analog to digital converters. After a brief theoretical overview of the key points (resolution, accuracy, sampling rate), Richard offers practical guidance on how to go about choosing ADCs for your projects.

GSM is on its way to retirement. LTE is on its way to surpass 3G. Where do you stand with mobile technologies? Do you understand what each generation offers? Speed rates declared by a given standard often differ from real world results. Milos from the team explains the what, how and why of 2G, 3G and 4G technologies. The article will make you understand your mobile internet lags better, if nothing else.

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