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Francesco from has made an interesting project with Alcohol click – an alcohol tester that estimates the blood alcohol content from a breath sample. Isn’t that something that everyone needs at a house party?

Alcohol click measures the level of alcohol from a simple breath sample, and the Zerynth app displays the level of alcohol in a person’s blood.

Real life IoT contest

Remember when we wrote about Zerynth’s real life IoT contest, where you could win Hexiwear as a prize?

Don’t forget that we have more than 250 click boards to choose from. The contest is still going on, so if you use your imagination and make an amazing combination of click boards and write good code, Hexiwear could be yours.

Of course, Alcohol click is not our only sensor click. Ozone click carries a compact MOS sensor for ozone (O3). Methane click does as the name implies – detects the levels of methane gas in the air. We even have a click board™ that can detect the presence and proximity of lightning – Thunder click.

We haven’t even scratched the surface with the sensor click boards, let alone the wireless connectivity range, the display click boards™ or audio and voice range.

Alcohol click

Alcohol click has high sensitivity to alcohol and it can detect concentrations from 0.04 to 4mg/l. There is a small potentiometer onboard that will allow you to adjust the Load Resistance of the sensor circuit.

For more information about Alcohol click, see the product page.

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