Intel Joule click shield news

It’s time to meet and greet the newest click shield in our store – the Intel Joule click SHIELD. All through history shields were used for protection in battle, now it’s time to use them to battle the challenges of IoT development.

Intel Joule click SHIELD

The Intel Joule click SHIELD is an extension for Intel® Joule™ Expansion Board. Like all our other click shields it allows you to add click board™ connectivity to a project.

Grid-EYE click application

We have created a colorful application for the Intel Joule click shield, the Intel® Joule™ Expansion Board (that we installed Windows on) and Grid-EYE click.

The display shows you how the 64 thermal array sensors on Grid-EYE click see a hand moving in front of it.

Grid-EYE application

You can choose between the colored version and the grayscale version.

For more information about the Intel Joule click SHIELD see the product page.

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