The sensor click board™ range has just received a new click, that can measure the absolute surface temperature without any contact — Grid-EYE click.

Grid-EYE click

Grid-EYE click is an 8×8 thermal array sensor-detector that carries the AMG8853 infrared array sensor from Panasonic. 64 individual thermal sensors build an image you see on the display.


The measuring range goes from -20°C to +100°C, quite impressive. The detecting distance is up to 5m.

Rainbows and sunlight

The more energy one body or object has, the hotter it is.

William Herschel was a British astronomer and composer who first discovered infrared light. He performed an experiment of passing sunlight through a prism. Once he saw a rainbow spectrum of light he measured the heat of each color. But it was when he measured the temperature just outside the red spectrum, where there was no visible light, that he discovered the highest temperature.

This invisible part of the spectrum is what the Grid-EYE click sensor is using to detect temperature levels.

So, it turns out that at the end of the rainbow you don’t get a pot of gold, but lots of heat.

For more information about the Grid-EYE click see the product page.

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