Lucio Di Jasio’s book “Graphics, Touch, Sound and USB” is finally available in our store. Bundles with mikromedia boards also available.

Graphic, Touch, Sound and USB

Published around March this year, the 290-page book is a course on designing user interfaces for embedded applications, using a mikromedia for PIC24 as the learning tool.

It contains eight chapters of gradually increasing complexity, taking you from “Hello World” to interfacing the mikromedia to a PC with USB by creating HID class custom devices and CDC class virtual serial ports.

However it’s not a beginners course. The book takes your C programming skills for granted. It also requires basic knowledge of 16 and 32-bit microcontrollers and their peripherals (I/Os, timers, PWM, SPI and I2C).

Note: If you’re a beginner, you should consider some of our introductory books on PIC programming that are available for free.

The book relies on Microchip’s libraries and applications and the MPLAB X and MPLAB XC IDE. All the code mentioned is also available on Lucio’s blog.

Lucio also posted additional materials on his blog, porting all the projects from the book to mikromedia for PIC24EP and mikromedia for PIC32.

Clear explanations, tips & tricks sections, exercises, and suggestions for additional reading; it seems to us that “Graphic, Touch, Sound and USB has about everything you need to master User Interface Design for Embedded Applications—it’s up to you now.

You can order it right away. $49 for the book only, or you can purchase the book bundled with a mikromedia for $129: choose between mikromedia for PIC24, mikromedia for PIC24EP, or mikromedia for PIC32.

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