Two satellite systems and two antenna options to choose from, with GNSS3 click.

GNSS3 click

You want to navigate from point A to point B through the shortest route available. Each time it’s a different problem, a different set of obstacles, different forks in the road along the way…

We’re not talking about driving or walking, or sailing for that matter, we’re talking about designing hardware. Point A is your idea, Point B is… well, you get the picture.

One of our goals with clicks is to offer you a broad choice of chips and modules even for the same functionality. Just to give you more possibilities when designing your prototype.

GNSS3 carries SIMCom’s SIM33ELA GNSS module (GPS + GLONASS). It has an internal antenna, but the click also has a connector for an external linear antenna.

The module utilizes performance-enhancing technologies like EASY™ self-generated orbit prediction and EPO™ orbit prediction.

For data on sensitivity, time to first fix and other details, visit the product page. For practical applications, check the Libstock example.


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