Microchip has a new 32-bit microcontroller with easy-to-use encryption – CEC1702. Our two newly released clickers are supporting it.

CEC1702 clicker is a compact starter board for click board™ connectivity, carrying Microchip’s CEC1702.

Clicker 2 for CEC1702 carries two mikroBUS™ sockets, and in case you need additional components there are 2×26 connection pads lining the edges.

Both clickers have the standard features: an ON/OFF switch, reset button, LED indicators, and a li-polymer battery connector.

CEC1702 microcontroller

Microchip’s CEC1702 is a full-featured ARM® Cortex®-M4-based microcontroller with a complete hardware cryptography-enabled solution in a single package.

All the amazing combinations

With two mikroBUS™ sockets and 270 click boards™ in our shop, you can make more than 36000 combinations. Since our click board™ range is constantly growing, you’ll have even more possibilities as time goes by.

If the number of combinations overwhelms you, start with the main functionality on your project, for example – add WiFi communication with WiFi PLUS click and choose a display later.

For more detailed information about the clicker and clicker 2 for CEC1702 see the product page and the manuals.

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