We are excited to present you with five new Click™ boards: RS485 click 3.3V, CAN SPI click 5V, CAN SPI click 3.3V, Bee click and LightHz click.

Five new Click™ boards released!

All of you who own EasyPIC v7 development board, equipped with 2 mikroBUS sockets have a new arsenal of click boards available:
RS485 click 3.3V for RS485 communication on 3.3V systems
CAN SPI click – 5V for serial CAN communication on 5V MCUs
CAN SPI click – 3.3V for serial CAN communication on 3.3V MCUs
BEE click– great ZigBee communication module, and
LightHz click – Light To Frequency module.

Click boards come with almost zero-hardware adjustments in order to work. Just click them into mikroBUS socket and they are ready to go. We invite you to visit the Click Accessory Boards Group and browse through provided information and image galleries of newly added boards.

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