A nibble more precise then the first DAC click.

DAC2 click

If the original 12-bit DAC click was below your requirements, the sequel will be more to your taste. DAC2 click carries LTC2601CDD, which is a 16 bit DAC chip. A single nibble of improvement between 12 and 16 bits brings 61440 more discrete values to convert into a voltage (that’s 2^16 – 2^12)

Like its predecesor, this one also uses SPI to fetch the digital values from the host microcontroller. The chip on DAC2 click can do it at a clock rate of up to 50 MHz.

Also, you’ll be able to switch between VCC and 4.096V for the reference voltage. The power supply is either 3.3 or 5V.

More details on the product page. The libstock example is also available.


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