The popularity of the mikroBUS™ standard is growing like one of those huge tidal waves when they are gaining momentum. Right now we are keeping track of the people and places it reaches, but pretty soon it’s going to be everywhere.

Digi-Key Electronics has a series called “Another Geek Moment” and one of their latest videos is dedicated to our click boards™.

It’s great to see how more and more people are discovering the advantages of the standard.

Like Joey, from Digi-Key Electronics said: “The nice thing about these boards is that absolutely everything is standardized – the shape, the size, down to the pinout, and the different communication protocols that they use.

You can check out the video for yourself:

Add the mikroBUS™ socket to your design

Don’t forget that you can add the mikroBUS™ socket to your PCB design. Just make sure you clearly mark it on the silkscreen with our logo.

To see all the third party boards that support the mikroBUS™ socket, see our Learn article.

For more information about the mikroBUS™ standard, see the official page.

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