WiFly click released.

WiFly click

Wireless connectivity is our most popular click category and it’s still growing. People just want to let loose their designs. No strings attached. All wireless.

In the IoT equation, the Internet stays the same, the thing is the variable. If the focus is to be kept on the design and functionality of what you’re working on, connecting to a network should be simple.

WiFly click, carrying the RN-131 module is up to the task. It has a preloaded firmware that allow you to set up the module, and then scan, authenticate and connect to a WiFi network using ASCII commands.

Multitude of networking applications are built in: DHCP, UDP, DNS, ARP, ICMP, TCP, HTTP client, and FTP client.

On the hardware level, the mikroBUS™ UART interface is sufficient for providing the connection to the host MCU. For wireless connectivity, WiFly click hosts both a ceramic chip antenna and a connector for an external one. Speeds up to 1 Mbps are achievable.

The Libstock example is ready. More details on the product page.


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