You can’t expect to get everything you need at the push of a button. But in many cases, it’s just the right solution. Introducing Button R click.

Button R click

Like Benjamin, buttons never get old. You can have your swipes, multitouch gestures, taps and double taps, but the tactile feedback from pushing a physical button is difficult to replace. It’s the type of technology that won’t ever get surpassed.

Add a bright LED under it — in this case red — and it suddenly looks like a real important button. What does it do? Does it launch rockets into orbit? Or does it dispense embarrassing tweets about your enemies from some undisclosed account?

Depends all on how you set it up, of course. By itself (given a 3.3V or 5V power supply), the button just sends an interrupt signal to the target MCU. The background LED is controlled separately through the PWM pin.

In our Libstock example, we played with the background LED. It changes patterns with subsequent button presses. Just goes to show that you can use it for more than a simple on/off switch (the background LED can indicate multiple states).

As with other clicks where LEDs play a prominent role, more colors are coming up.

See more details on the product page.


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